May 7, 2013

Bar Rule #2: "Eat or drink something at the bar!”

Kickball is a simple game that has a finite set of rules.  Being a part of the Twin Cities WAKA Kickball league has another portion off the field though, the bar!  This is the start of the “Unofficial Rules of Kickball” that will ensure you have a good time off the field at the bar and social events!

Rule #2: “Eat or drink something at the bar!”

You followed Rule #1, congratulations!  Also you just played an intense game of kickball you need to refuel!  Be it with a delicious hops based recovery drink, some delectable delicacies, or an invigorating WAKA shot/mixed drink, the bar will be more than happy to accommodate.  Not only does the bar put up with us and our shenanigans, but in most cases they even encourage it.  You know about this time you’re losing your field buzz too and no one likes that…  

Check out them specials!

$5 Appetizer buffet from 8-10pm
$6 Natty Light pitchers
$3 Rail Drinks
$3 Domestic Pints
$3 WAKA Shots (details coming soon!)
LATE Night special:  $3 Vodka Red Bulls 10pm-close
Frequent Baller Card (do the tasks, get free drinks, so easy a caveperson could do it!)

Still not convinced that this is a good idea yet?  Or you say to yourself, “Hey self, you know you don’t have the money to be ballin’ outta control at the field AND the bar”.  Nay!  I say to you … Nay!  Below are some ways to work around this philosophy.

Does someone owe you less than $20?  Claim repayment at the bar in the form of yum-yums and libations.

Feeling lucky?  Make bets with teammates or opponents!  Friendly wagers between captains, rewards for outlandish plays, or for breaking the ice with that pulchritudinous man or woman.  A game could even be made out of it like “the game” from waiting  

...or the circle game [A game of peripheral vision, trickery and motor skills. The Circle Game Definition #1]. 

I digress … Maybe you are a ‘baller though and you want to share your ‘baller status with others.  Buy the theme night judges a drink … they follow the rules on the field and when it comes to flip cup.  But for all things spirit and theme related they are in no way, shape, or form, above bribes.  In fact they are encouraged!  

Or maybe something a bit more personally beneficial…  Did you meet any new “friends” on the field?  You say you need a way to break the ice with that cute guy/gal you just met?  You locked eyes with them as you were running the bases and in the process you ran over their second-base player?  Don’t even know their name?  Or don’t have anything to talk about?  Buy them a drink! This is a sure fire way to break the ice, “Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake”, according to a reputable source.  It is likewise a great way to find out if they may fancy you as well.  You offer to buy a drink and they decline, they probably don’t like you.  If they accept, it is still possible that they don’t like you… However!  If they in turn offer to buy you in, you’re in like flint.  Simple, huh?

In summary, person up, purchase a beverage, or two, or a dozen! and spend some quality time in the happy company of your kickballin’ peers!

[P.S. I just got you all…]

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