May 21, 2013

Bar Rule #3: Play Flip Cup

The other part of our league is the bar after the field.  At the bar we play a sacred game that has been played for generations this game is Flip Cup!  Don’t believe me?!  Below is a brief history of where flip cup was conceived...

“The legend of flip cup begins with George Washington.  It was 1778, and Washington's army was camped at Valley Forge for the winter.  Of the 11,000 men staying at the camp, as many as 3000 died of disease.  On the bright side, Washington dreamed up a clever game to help the troops with their hand-eye coordination and fine muscle movements.  The troops would line up down a long table and on the signal of General von Steuben, who was in charge of training, the troops would quickly drink small amounts of warm, stale, beer and use their trigger fingers to flip the cup over onto its top. The game became so popular that teams developed.

At that time, the British army was playing "King's Cup" at their encampments in Philadelphia.  This boring, simple, card game was widely encouraged by the high command out of allegiance to King George III.

Washington's army went on to defeat the British and win the war.  Everyone knows why…” (sourced from Party Armory)

Since you followed Rule#1: Come to the Bar and Rule #2: Buy a Drink, it only makes sense to progress onto Rule #3!

Rules for flip cup linked to the right if necessary … http://worldseriesofflipcup.net/flip-cup-rules/ … or ask someone at kickball (conversation starter #136 ... you're welcome)

Furthermore, the benefits of playing flip cup are infinite, but some of the key ones are improved hand eye coordination (the Brits wish they had this), higher self esteem from winning, higher confidence (thank you alcohol) and new friends thanks to this friendly game!

It should also be noted that the tables are up before and after each weekly competition as well, therefore if you need some practice have at it, I am sure you can round up many more kickballers to join you as well.  If flip cup is too easy for you be sure to try its distant friend, flip pitcher or flip table to really take the night to a new level!

Lastly, for the science types here is the math behind what we’re talking about…

In closing, after the mid-season victory this baller thinks Sluts ‘n Cups is taking on all challengers, or why not try the current leaders of the league Hold My Beer and Watch This?

Flip Cups!

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