May 7, 2013

Week 1: Kick This

And so it begins anew.  We, the greatest Kickball team ever known since I just said it, Kick This, returned to Bryn Mawr with the whole WAKA crew.  Although this was a hallowed occasion, an uninvited guest appeared.  It came from the sky, no it wasn't a Samsung HD TV with impressive chrome bezel and internet connectivity, it was far worse but yet still in HD, it was... wintery bluster.  Despite the numb fingers, we pressed on.

Kick This played Alcoballics.  Gieger took the mound and pitched ferociously, however one run did get by us.  At bat, Matt "Tree Trunk Legs" Aiken booted one deep, despite being advised to stop at third, he pressed home.  The catcher had the ball, but failed to tag him as Matt used impressive footwork to get home and avoid a tag.

Solid defense kept Alcoballics to just that one run.  With impressive catches like Nick at third base, contorting his body in an apparent defiance of physics, made an impressive catch.  Same thing for Hillary "Let's Just Bump 'Bow" Haga catching in center and Andrew following suit in left. Matt "VIP" Aiken took up third and made impressive throws to 1st to get crucial outs.

Then later in the game, we scored 3 more runs with Matt "I'm Running Out of nicknames To Use in Quotes" Aiken getting a double, Caroline "Bird" and Amenah Aka "Base Running McGee" following up with clever hits to make the game final 5-1. 

In flip cup it was a nail biter, but we prevailed 3-2 with valiant efforts by Hillary, Matt, Carrie, This studly author and Amenah. 

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