May 14, 2013

Week 2: Bunt Pirates

Week 2 has come and gone, and The Bunt Pirates (formerly Uncontrollable Runs) are continuing to plunder the booty! This week, they looted early and often against the Alcoballics, taking a 14-5 victory and squeezing out a win in flip cup. The Bunt Pirates are now 2-0 in both flip cup and kickball, riding now a 13 game undefeated streak dating back to last year.  Naturally, whispers of “dynasty” are floating around the locker room, but Coach Mosey has been quick to dismiss any claims that the constant winning is getting to the players’ heads: “We come prepared every week for our opponents. We are focused and determined this year to accomplish all of our team goals. As a reminder, at the end of every practice we reiterate these goals and outline what it will take to get there.”

This years roster brings back heavy hitting and ace pitching from last year, including 3 girls and 6 guys. In two short weeks we have already had so many top plays that our sponsor, the delicious 2 Gingers Whiskey™ brought us a full liter last week! As the team continues learning the tendencies of the new players and developing our scouting reports, look for these bottles to be getting passed around to many of the Bunt Pirates. What is even scarier, is with the weather the way it has been, The Bunt Pirates haven’t been able to even bring in their secret weapon, the slip n slide! Look for this to start showing up at the field in 3 weeks (after Mickey returns from his much needed time off from the game)

Where the Uncontrollable Runs struggled last year was in off the field antics, most notably players skipping mandatory post-game meetings at the sponsor bar for poorly made excuses including “law school”.  The focus in this years offseason acquisitions was to bring in players with heart and determination, players willing to go the extra mile to make sure our cups were flipped the fastest at Whisky Park. So far the moves have paid off, as last years squad having only won 2 games of flip cup, has now already matched that win total in as many weeks. Newcomer Jillian was asked about her techniques after last weeks thrilling last second win: “Some may go in to each game assuming they’ve won. It is these simple faults that lead to their losses and in many cases, injuries.” Jillian could be seen warming up and stretching before the flip cup, ultimately leading to her consistent flipping quickness.

Until next week, Who’s Dat Booty!?

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