May 14, 2013

Week 2: Kick This

Are your adult sized Huggies on extra snug?  Good!  Because you're about to be hit with a tidal wave of emotion.  Why?  Because this week's game has all the intensity of a Hallmark card.  Or an international incident.  Both, really.
It started out pleasantly enough.  A slight chill in the air, people milling about and off in the not too far distance, a man dropping trow and doing what we men do so well... but normally in the privacy of our own home and laptops. 
Hillary "20/20 Vision", who has a 6th sense about these deeds, immediately spotted this nefarious deed.  She pulled out her cell phone nearly as quickly as that guy pulled out his lil guy (any sane man knows not to show off the member when it's less than 80 degrees out.  There's shrinkage and it makes for awkward conversation later. Not that I would know about that.) and called the police.  Minutes later the 5-0 sped across the field and apprehended the man who was thoroughly apprehending his lil man.
But now, the game!  We return.  Kick This played HMBaWT.  Geiger took the field, Drew returned at catcher.  During game play, a kick, the ball, popped up to 2nd where this author stood.  Realizing his magnificent talents shouldn't be wasted, he decided to not use his arms and chest to catch the ball, no, that's too easy.  For he used his face, quite aptly if I may say (yes, self, you may).  The ball caught, but a casualty, he broke his glasses.  Fear not dear reader!  For they are an old pair and could be fixed. 
Kick this fell behind 3-1.  It was the final inning, Jason "I'm new here" kicked and ran so hard to first that as soon as he was safe at first he tumbled like a drunk down the stairs.  Soon, after a couple more kicks, the ball went deep, Jason hustled home, the pitcher now had the ball and made a play to hit Jason, but he dove, face first as the ball sailed overhead.  He was the tying run!  Chris was on third and Andrew "I wiffed it before but will vow to make it up to the team" came up to bat and did just as the quotes said he would, he kicked it deep to right, Chris easily came in for the winning run!  Kick This won 4-3.  Cheers, high fives, and Mint Julips galore! 
The mood was high, maybe too high, for in flip cup we went down 0-3.  We have no one to blame but society and endorphins for that one. 
This now concludes the emotional tidal wave.  You're welcome, reader.

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