May 21, 2013

Week 3: Booze on First?

An intercepted email from "Booze on First?" !
So Week 3 is in the books...
  • Holy kickballs we had the greatest two out, four chick rally in WAKA history.  Nothing beats a walk off win!
  • We are undefeated on the field but defeated at the bar.  We have not won a flip cup match yet.
  • Sidelines were dead until we won.  We need more booze in us…
    • Who can make Jell-O-Shots for next week? I overheard someone say they could make some.
    • I will bring a large vat of White Russians.  This needs to be empty by the 3rd inning
The Dude approves this decision...
  • New Team Rule ... Anyone who strikes or fouls out has to shotgun a beer before the start of the next inning! (GMOT suggests icing as well for an extra leve of humiliation ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icing_(game) ) 

Weekly Awards:  
MVP: Kristina, she was money all game and clutch at the end with the game winner.

Play of the game: I could not single out one play out so I am going with the four “hits” from Melissa 2, Lindsay, Kate and Kristina that led us to victory!

Golden Boot(best kick of the game): Total embarrassment to total redemption for Keegan with a two run bomb in the first inning. Kudos to me for batting him clean up!

Brown Glove(worst defensive player):  Matt looked like a baboon wearing oven mitts in centerfield.  He bobbled one ball and dropped a pop fly that eventually led to the run the tied the game up.

Kate B. Award (worst attitude): Kate had some competition this week but she still held on for the win.

Andy L.Award (drunkest person):  Andy is your winner. I received numerous unreadable text messages from him around 2AM.  It was weird, but I kind of liked it...

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