May 29, 2013

Week 4: Hold My Beer and Watch This

Hold My Beer And Watch This! Woo! Let me assure you, all were watching last week as HMBAWT faced off against Alcoballics, though they may have been actually watching the plethora of man thighs in jorts on the field rather than the actual game. Whoa.. what? I think I just lost my train of thought on that one…

Anyway, HMBAWT rebounded from a rough couple of games to dominate with a 13-0 victory. Perhaps most importantly, the Flabongo was back in action (sort of)! Nate not only kicked a home run and got several fellow drinkers, er kickballers, home, but he also did his part in helping the environment by rounding third base, stepping on an empty beer can and crushing it, and then making this way onto home. What a guy! But wait! There’s more! A certain co-captain forgot to add the Flabongo into the kickball bag (ah hem Kicklord Johnson) from the car, and alas, both captains (despite this girl clearly being innocent) ended up getting Iced and Nate had to settle for shot gunning a beer.

Other items of note are as follows:
·         Laura slid onto first base (twice). Looks like we got a Punto on our hands!
·         Justin is growing a beard that makes him look like a lumberjack that is questionable at best, and was the source of the majority of our conversations in the outfield.
·         I got hit in the face with a ball (no matter what you say Mason, it happened. And all I wanted was sympathy. Thanks Will for holding a beer on my nose to make me feel better).
·         Morgan demanded the opposing pitcher to “drop his pants,” but she didn’t have much luck. Rumor has it he was hiding jorts, but I’m not so sure.
·         Taylor played in ridiculous boots and continued to be ridiculous as he dodged, ducked, dipped, dove, and dodged the ball to get around the bases. That’s dedication to the theme right there.
·         And since I’m writing this it can be all about me (right?!) so I also kicked a double annnnnnd had a double play! Obviously, I was drunk.
·         The highlight of the game, however, was clearly Will getting fouled out. Ha. No other descriptor needed.
The good spirits continued on at Whisky Park, as HMBAWT continued to do what it does best. Drink beer and flip cups for another astounding 3-0 victory. Week five, we are so ready for you!

You know you love it!

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