Jun 11, 2013

Kickball in the News

"Kickball Is Worse Than Drugs and Gangs, Claims New York Woman Who Wants League Banned"
Favorite Quotes...
"Won't someone think of the adults?!"
"Roaming Flip Cup Crew"

Rogue Kickball League Succumbs To The Man, Agrees To Shorten Its Games (Same topic...)
Favorite Quotes...
"First, it started off two or three years ago with a few grown-ups playing," explained Gehres' husband Phil Penman, 35. "Then, slowly it became stadium lighting, adults screaming their heads off, and it got later and later. Sometimes they play until 10 or 11 at night."

"In the face of danger and uncertainty and against what should've been longer odds, Gehres was able to find the strength to stare down a gaggle of young professionals winding down by engaging in light physical fitness and see the crisis through."

Holy eff... this is actually for real!
Flights may be only a few hundred buckaroos too ... just sayin' ...

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