Jun 22, 2013


Playoff Schedule
Drumroll please…. Here’s the bracket for tomorrow! Remember that even if you don’t play until 10 or 11am, you may ref the 9am games, so make sure you read it carefully. I have some reminder slips to hand out at the field and a big bracket posterboard to report your scores to at Field 1. If you’re curious how we ranked you, check out the season ending Standings stats and make sure to check your flip cup stats too because there will be a second bracket board for that at Whisky Park for our 5:30pm tournament.
Registering Subs
Remember, you must email me (by 8pm today) first and last names of any subs you’d like to register with a $20 donation at the check in table tomorrow AM. Your team may only register subs if you are in jeopardy of forfeiting. If your team already has 12 or more players in attendance, you may not register any subs.
Rules for Playoffs
Tensions sometimes run high in playoffs and I want to remind everyone to have a good time and not get overly competitive. Remember that our refs are volunteers and only your captain may question a ref’s calls and any disputes are always settled by the home plate ref, no questions asked. Any players not following that simple rule will be ejected at the home plate ref’s discretion. Let’s keep it all in good fun! The best way to avoid confusion is to brush up on the Official Rules or at the very least read the abbreviated Rules Review. There are also special Tournament Guidelines that explain a few deviations from our usual season rules, such as 12-run rule and tie-break procedures.
In summary, 5 THINGS to DO before tomorrow:

  1. Check out the bracket for games/times.
  2. Get cash to buy some raffle tickets for the Barrow-O-Booze.
  3. Read through the WAKA Tournament Guidelines.
  4. Look at your team’s Flip Cup ranking in the Season Standings.
  5. Invite your friends to our End of Season Party next Sat, 6/29 at Darby's.

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