Sep 17, 2013

Kick This Week 1

Fresh from summer vacation, we returned to the crispy grasslaiden field of Painter park.  Oh, there was merriment in the air.  A... honeysuckle-esque quality that no doubt was a remainder of all the booze cruises, BBQs, games of bags, accidentally locking yourself outside and sleeping on your porch, HH going till bar close, over absorption of Suntan Lotion, summer flings and lastly, the visits to your doctor... post summer flings. 

So, we, Kick This, gathered at the field to do battle via balls!  Alas, what's that?  There was news.  What was it?  Oh, you wouldn't know.  Why? Because more than likely you weren't there. For shame! We were able to only field 3 fine chicas and 6 stud muffin-y dudes, not enough to qualify, but we played c nonetheless.

Missing an outfielder, they craftly aimed for the "holes" in the outfield and by aimed I mean they just kicked it out there.  They scored 3 runs off the bat. 

Hillary "Pitcher Top" Haga, went out to pitch for us, but it was for naught.  Matt "For the Love of Firearms Thank God He Showed Up" Aiken took over as pitcher, and he certainly was no belly itcher.  Solid defense stopped them, but we just couldn't get the kicks in.  Scoring only 1 run.

However, traipsing, as we are wont to do, up to the NE bar of Legends, we faced our foe and destroyed them in their poopy diapers 3-0 in unholy flip cup.  Vengeance is a dish best served with Mich Golden Light in plastic cups.


-Kick This

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