Oct 20, 2013

Kick This Week 6

The night was... moist.  And for you ladies out there, say it with me... moist moist moist.  Despite the damp and gooey nature of the sky and earth, we, Kick This, marched upon our kicking field of battle.  On this sacred place (no really, it's sacred, it's an old Indian burial mound (feather, not dot) and if you listen closely enough you can hear the games they used to play nearby, such as, "Hey that's new, a white guy, let's go over and say hi, he seems friendly.  What's that he's drinking?")  We came, some with umbrellas, some with hats, some with Sconses all eager for a W. 

As the rain intensified, so did our runs as they fell upon our opponents head, provocatively.  We scored in 3 runs, to their 2 in the 1st inning.  That's right, we were 150% better than them (note: This is the limit to my mathematical ability.).  These 3 runs all came in from Random Guy, aka Matt's Friend (he has friends? Weird. I wonder what that's like.)  Jason "I bike in the rain, bitches" booted a nice one, scoring Hot to Trot Michelle.  Jason later scored on a sacrifice deep boot.  While at bat, Michelle "I'm Innocents, I swears yo" kicked a foul ball that nearly took out this author as he hotly filmed the action on his cellular device, ducking, the ball hit Tim right in his head, luckily, his hair still stayed in place due to his brown magic.

Now... to the last inning, or as we, Kick This, call it, the doomsday inning.  Michelle caught a high kick to first.  Then a second out happened I can't remember how.  Then... a small bunt.. kicked toward Gieger at pitcher.. it's in the air... he leaps.. he dives.. he does macrame... and caught the ball for the final out!  We won!   7 to 6.  It was glorious, we were drenched, and we did the happy dance. 

At the bar, I can only assume we won at flip cup as this author was too pooped to go.  I'm slowly discovering I'm not 17 anymore.  Though.. the intense libido and volcanic acne would say otherwise. 

Now back to my happy lotion!

-Kick This

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