Oct 7, 2013

Uncontrollable Runs Week 4

(From the coaches press conference this morning after last night's tough 11-10 loss)

"I feel defeated. I am exhausted. Sometimes, as a coach, you have to question the decisions you make. Sometimes, you have to look deep into the mirror and wonder if you're pushing your team too hard. Are those morning practices getting to the team? Is yelling at players til your face turns blue affecting team cohesion? It it wrong to continually physically strike players if they make an error? I know I am competitive, and maybe it is getting the best of me. Our runs are uncontrollable, but last night something was off from the beginning, and that is on me.  Maybe this loss will be a good wake up call to the team though, a reminder that we are human. We bleed brown, just like all the other Uncontrollable Runs. It appears I will finally have to take to heart our team motto: 'everyone makes the playoffs'."

"The only solace that can be taken from last night is at least we won in flip cup. And I suppose we had a good time. And I won in cricket, so that helps."

It's hard listening to words from the coach about the game and not feeling bad for them. Hopefully the Runs can rebound from this tough loss and have a strong practice Saturday and Tuesday morning. Requests for interviews from players went unanswered.

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