May 26, 2014

Week 4 Preview: St. Paul

I hope you all had an excellent Memorial Day Weekend! This writer's was full of sun, Jag, Yatzee, and Doritos, so naturally, I am just ready to keep the partying going with a triple header this week at kickball! So bring on the balls, the beer, and something to build a base with, because things are about to get serious. Oh, and by popular request, this week's theme (for St. Paul) is Animal Print! I know I'm personally just a tiny bit sad that it's going to be hot out so I can't wear my zebra print onesie, but for warm weather, I can get over it.

Speaking of serious, HUGE shout out to Ready to Ruuuuuuuuuummmmmmballlls! who just killed it last week! Not only did they bring music, but also created a great playlist (I do have some suggestions, however, and can you make sure anytime I walk across the field that "Batter Up" by Nelly plays? That one for real is my jam). They then kept the party going at Station 280 by not only having the most people there, but also outstayed the rest of the teams. So fun! And I also have to do one more shout out to Mason and Morgan, the team captains for Ball Me Maybe, who met each other at kickball two years ago and just got engaged this weekend! Awww! The kickball field is the field of dreams in more than one way friends...

See you at the field, Pitches!

-St. Paul League

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