Jun 27, 2014

Playoff Bracket(s) (Twin Cities)

Yes we know the brackets are small. Get out your reading glasses, else click the links below the images. Enjoy and see everyone tomorrow morning!!

Kickball Bracket at the Field

Flipcup Bracket at the Bar

Rules for Playoffs:  Tensions sometimes run high in playoffs and I want to remind everyone to have a good time and not get overly competitive. Remember that our refs are volunteers and only your captain may question a ref’s calls and any disputes are always settled by the home plate ref, no questions asked. Any players not following that simple rule will be ejected at the home plate ref’s discretion. Let’s keep it all in good fun! The best way to avoid confusion is to brush up on the Official Rules or at the very least read the abbreviated Rules Review. There are also special Tournament Guidelines that explain a few deviations from our usual season rules, such as 12-run rule and tie-break procedures.

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