Jun 6, 2014

Week 4: Ball Me Maybe (Capitol)

Last week was a triple header and triple the effort was surely given with triple the team Mom/cheering section!

Ball Me Maybe (BMM) started the week off with some cunning and sly moves by introducing their adversaries to the bunt. The first was super effective and resulted in a double for Will B. which then continued to go in their favor when a waterfall of runs were scored. BMM was victorious in the first game and was likewise victorious in regard to grilling during the 2nd game and during reffing at the third game.

The bar was another story with BMM winning by forfeit since the other team did not show up and the sole representer for the team took on all comers in a vicious game of King of the Hill (or survivor… whatever)! He came in 2nd behind Hold My Beer and Watch This. Next time worthy adversary … next time!

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