Jun 10, 2014

Week 5: Ball Me Maybe (St. Paul)

Another week has passed and like sands in the hour glass, too are the weeks of Kickball! Week 5 was a lackadaisical time for Ball Me Maybe (BMM). People dropped out last minute (Kevin!), the bugs were out and the threat of rain was imminent. At start time 6.30pm per the rule book/schedule, only 9 amigos/she amigos were present from BMM so we had to reach out to other teams for additional warm bodies for kicking, catching and general balling out of control. Turtle (he was dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Superhero Week … the other theme …) from the Pink Team joined our rag tag group of outlaws (more about him later) and then BMM was ready to take on our rival (sister? brother? twin?) team, Hold My Beer and Watch This (HMBAWT). The game got off to a better start than the rest of the week. It was “Slap the Bag week” so everyone was greeted at first with a smile and a sack of adult juice box (White Zinfandel if memory serves).

The game went as planned (except for HMBAWT scoring) and Turtle was an absolute animal! He dived, caught, kicked, ran and many other verbs, much better than any other member of BMM and he was awarded game MVP (the award is in the email … I promise …). Even with Turtle’s stellar performance, BMM did succumb to the skills, cunning and bag wine of HMBAWT and ended up losing a close one! Distraught the team went to the bar, sans this blogger, to eat/drink their sorrows on 2:1’s and $5 one-topping pizza. So much so that this blogger was the only BMM member capable of flipping cups against HMBAWT. A grueling 5-cup challenge (mono vs womono) ensued and HMBAWT proved why they won the mid-season flip-cup tournament.

Other notable events of the night include a member, who shall remain nameless, struck out in kickball (did you know you could do that?!). Bases were maintained and dusted often which lead to greater overall pleasure for everyone involved. And lastly, first base was physically stolen (and slid) along the second baseline during the beer inning. Because of the hilarity, no one really seemed to mind.
I have no idea what the standings currently are. But BMM is getting ready for playoffs, that’s for sure!!

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