Sep 4, 2014

When a 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 Pack is Just Not Good Enough

Had a rough game and your team is just down and out? Get mad at the other team for being dumb, and think you hurt some feelings? Make a bad call while reffing and want to make it up to the teams?

What you need is one of the Austin Beerworks "Anytime Peacemaker Ale 99 Packs"!

"Because everything is bigger in Texas, an Austin brewery has made a 99 pack of beers for 99 bucks. Ninety-nine beers, in one case. God bless America.

In each massive case—you'll need two, possibly three people to carry the whole thing—you will find 99 cans of Austin Beerworks' Anytime Ale. Austin Beerworks says details on purchasing will be going out later this week, with shipments starting on this Thursday."

Content partially sourced from Gizmodo.

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