Jun 26, 2015

Twin Cities: Uncontrollable Runs (Wk8)

With the final regular season game in front of them, the Runs knew what they had to do, win and give up less than 4 runs, to secure the #1 seed. In front of a standing room only crowd consisting of fans, family, and many opponents, eager to scout the Runs, the team seemed to shake off the nerves. For the 1st time all season, the team had Co-MVPs, both deserving, one offensive and one defensive. Tom, an unheralded pitcher for the Runs, had a career high, and likely a WAKA record, 4 strikeouts on the game. 2 fouled off, 1 looking, and 1 a swinging strikeout. On the offensive side of the ball, up 2-1 in the final inning with 1 out, Liz made the long run to second, sliding in and making sure she had her hand on the base the whole way. Then the next batter up, she barely beat out the throw to 3rd, before getting home the next bat. This would ultimately be the difference maker, as the team tacked on a few more runs, inspired by her play, leading to a 5-1 victory. After the game, Liz could be found shaking hands with fans amid taking her MVP shot: "I'm sorry I really can't hear you right now! I am just proud of the team and the base running coaches. I credit the whole team for this victory. It's just [unknown]...." Liz could not be heard by our reporter as she was carried off the field by fans and teammates.

In flip cup, both rosters puffed out their chests as it became an 8 v 8 battle. Back and forth they went, until veteran leaders emerged for the Runs. The team was thankful to walk away with a victory against a worthy opponent. After all was said and done, both teams shook hands, and even had time to take a picture for a fan.

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