Sep 29, 2015

Ball So Hard - Week 2

Well, well, well…..BSH (Ball So Hard) came to play in week 2. After a sour loss last week, BSH was chomping at the bit to get back on the field and punish their week 2 opponent. After a win of rock, paper, scissors by the captains, BSH took the field.

BSH started the scoring by getting a hard single by Jon to start his big night. Lauren then followed with a bunt to move him over and then a soft single by Cory to get Jon in and BSH on the board. After a quick two innings on defense, BSH was starting to feel confident. The rookies Amy and Kory started the second with hits and BSH played a little small ball with Jasmine, Kris and Chris combining to get the squad two more runs. The third and fourth inning was all about spectacular defense by some of the rookies. Spartacus (Chris) manned centerfield like he had played kick ball for years. His running catches and flawless fielding percentage kept POD in check. In the bottom of the inning, BSH score a couple more runs by sneaky offense by Krista and Lauren as their bunts prove vital to move over the runners. Lana banana then came to the plate and got a HUGE hit to score Jon for the second run of the inning. The fourth inning on defense was one for Cory to forget. After falling on his ass, taking balls to the face and allowing multiple runners (and lots of swear words under his breath), POD were able to get their first runs of the game.
After some discrepancies in the lineup of POD, everyone on BSH looked each other in the eye and gave an approve nod to indicate “we got this bitch”. With the game tied 6-6 and time running out, the top of the order was up and were determined to get a run across. To finish off his 3-3 night Jon singled and Lauren promptly followed with strategically placed single. Danny followed up with a ball that was hit so high that POD were unable to catch it and two runs scored. Kory follows up with a single, but BSH is unable to score him as the inning ended. Three outs away, BSH was all business. After a leadoff single by POD, they tried to bunt him over, but Amy wasn’t having any of it. She made a great catch with a long stretch to get the runner out at second. After a fly out to end the game, BSH breath a sign of relief and go through the victory handshake formation. VICTORY!

Ball So Hard followed up by getting their first W in flip cup as POD failed to show up to challenge them. With BSH getting their first night at the bar as a team, we quickly learned that the Purdue grads and the rest of the rookies were not too shabby at flip cup.

MVP:  Jon    3-3 with 3 runs scored and an RBI

Loser of the week: Cory (we all know why).

See you all next week!   6:30pm Ball So Hard vs. Kick This  on Field 2

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