Sep 16, 2015

Head Ref - Paige (Rule Overview)

Greetings WAKA ballers! Every week we will be posting a new rule courtesy of our head ref, Paige, to help everyone get familiar with the rules. For week 1, since the major change is about time, attached are the official rules:

Week 1 Rules Update:
- Thanks to everyone's glorified complaining (mine included) we are going back to a game of timed play *insert applause*, What does this mean for you? All games should start at their designated time. You need a minimum 4 guys/4 girls to legally start the game, teams get a 15-minute grace period to field a team. You MUST start no later than 15 minutes after your scheduled start time. If any team does not have 4 guys/4 girls by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, that is a forfeit.
- You do NOT get extra play time if you start later than your scheduled start time
- You CANNOT start a new inning with 15 minutes or less before the next game. If you are in the middle of an inning and have 14 minutes left, finish the inning then conclude the game.
- You must complete 3 full innings to count the game.
- Every full inning counts, there is no limit on how many inning s you can have in the allotted time slot.

If you have any questions/complaints, Jackie, Joline, and any of the refs would be happy to listen :)

- Paige

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