Sep 30, 2015

Uncontrollable Runs - Week 2

Week 2 was another one for the record books. A premier matchup between the Unstoppaballs and the Uncontrollable Runs.

Everyone on the team stepped up to the challenge this week, as the Runs took down the Unstoppaballs 11-7, improving to 2-0 on the season. The team knew this would be a strong challenge early on, and with numbers at a minimum, everyone got to play a lot. In the middle of the field, Lucy and Nicole covered 2nd and short perfectly, an area the scouting report had shown the opponents liked to kick the ball. MVP honors went to Kasey, with runner up MVPs going to Shannon AND Simon. Kasey shored in at catcher and showed speed behind the plate unseen by the Runs in their history. He ran out players and beat a few to the base, ultimately ending the game by running out a bunt.

Kasey remarking on the final play of the game: "I puked a little in my mouth when I saw what play was coming, but I overcame that adversity, and won it for us!" Kasey could be seen high-fiving, chest bumping, and signing autographs for the fans.

Sometimes it takes a great player coach to be able to say when someone is better at a position than that coach. Unfortunately for the Runs, that won't come today, as Mickey has reappointed himself catcher of the team moving forward. It appears only an injury, or Tom throwing terrible pitches again, to keep Mickey from behind the plate.

In even better news, EVERYONE on the roster that played showed up to the bars afterward. Quite the turnout that led to flip cup against a few other teams, and naturally, liquid thursdays. A few of the women in line at Pourhouse, clearly pining for us, felt we were dressed to sexually, as they asked the bouncer when we left: "how did they get in here dressed like that?"

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