Oct 9, 2015

Uncontrollable Runs - Week 4

This week marked the mid point of the season for the Runs. A chance to get a gauge on how the season will turn out, and an opportunity for the stars to rise. Home Runs were had by many, as the team did what they are known for, as the runs were not solely in Liam's pants tonight. The bigger factor on the day, however, was the defense. When the clock struck 7:15, the final score ended at 17-0. Pitching for the team included aces Hannah, Shannon, Mickey, and Lucy, but it was the final pitcher, Lucy, who really stood out.

After the game, it was clear that Lucy may have turned in a performance similar to that of Dock Ellis' perfect game on LSD in the 70s: "The ball was small sometimes, the ball was large sometimes, sometimes I saw the catcher, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I tried to stare the hitter down and throw while I was looking at him. I chewed my gum until it turned to powder. I started having a crazy idea in the fourth inning that Richard Nixon was the home plate umpire, and once I thought I  was pitching a baseball to Jimi Hendrix, who to me was holding a guitar and swinging it over the plate."

It didn't help that our opponents tried to trick our team by dressing up in doctors smocks and lab coats, and their left fielder dressing up as Casper. It was obvious our team couldn't see him, as we sent countless moon shots his way, each one going for an out.

"What left fielder?" - the entire team

MVP honors of course went to Lucy for her heroics on the mound and with a few big kicks. The kicks were flying and the defense was stifling. This could be a deadly combination come playoffs.

At the bar, MVP honors went to Mickey, who took down not only most of Ball So Hard, but Runs players too including Nicole and aging Charlie, in King Of The Hill. Unfortunately, he did struggle a bit at how to add from 0 to 2 in an earlier game.

Final Note: get the quesadilla's.

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