Nov 2, 2015

Ball So Hard - Week 7

BOO! You scared?

That is the best description of the BSH defense this week. Drops, forgetting the number of outs and throwing the ball around showed that BSH was too cocky after looking at the standings.
This week started off with some quick innings. The rookies, Kory, Kris and Jackson got the scoring started in the third. After coming off of his Player of the Week award, Jackson hit another home run to get BSH to a 3-0 lead. With BSH dressed to impress, the defense proved to take a hit. Heading into the 6th, BSH trailed 3-5. The top of the 7th showed the resiliency of BSH. It all started off with a bunt single by Tom. With Mr. Jon Vaughn up to the plate, the game  hung in the balance. a DEEP drive to right field, Jon had nothing but a home run on his mind. As Tom slowly unhooked the plow from his behind, he dove for home to score. Tom was a “little” short and stretched to score. In the meantime, Mr. Jon was using his Sonic the Hedgehog speed to catch Tom, jump over him and SCORE the tying run of the game! The inning continued with a Spartacus single and Mr. I have a new finance coming to the plate. With Daniels confidence at an all time high he SMASHES a kick to right center and scores a HOME RUN! Some people just have weeks to remember. Not only does he get to spend the rest of his life with Kickball/Broomball all star Lana (banana,turbo) he hits home runs to give BSH a win. Lana & Danny, from all of us at BSH CONGRATS!  This is a true underdog story as Dan Clark shows that out kicking your coverage really can score you a home run.  Back to the game - After numerous discrepancies by Heart Throbs, BSH took home the victory!
The bar scene was very skeletal, with bare bones showing up, BSH joined the king of hill table. As people fell one by one, Tom and Cory showed they were not messing around. Three weeks in a row, the finals fell to Cory and a member of Uncontrollable Runs and three weeks in a row, Cory fell to a member of the opposition. Many cuss words were spoken, but Cory shook hands and the took the loss. In the meantime, Jackie Moon was elected as the BEST costume of the night! BSH doesn’t just win on the field, but they take home victory in all costume contests!

See you all next week!

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