Nov 9, 2015

Ball So Hard - Week 8

As BSH preps for playoffs, this week had the real heroes stand apart from the rest. Krista showed her prowess with an incredible catch at 2nd and a perfect kick down the third base line to score a run. Next came Chris “Spartacus” Fleming with the kick of the night. As he blasted a kick deep, the left fielder was caught off guard by the power of Spartacus and the ball dropped for a home run. Korey then had an incredible throw from first to third to get the aggressive runner out and keep the game within reach. The rest of the game was about both teams going back in forth with incredible defense and a little small ball to score runs. BSH came up short on this night, but the heroes of the night showed that Ball so hard is well rounded and ready for the playoffs.
The bar scene was again unfruitful. However, Lauren, Tina, Brett, Kris and Korey all showed up and dominated the imaginary flip cup table. Laughs were had and beers were drank as BSH ended the night with a Flip Cup victory and nothing but the playoffs on the mind.

See you all next week!

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