Jan 11, 2016

Do You Miss Me???

Because I miss you. You don't call, you don't write, you only message when you're drunk....  but deep down I know, I know what you want.

You wanna, I know you wanna play some Dodgeball

Well wake up from your winter slumber champ because yes Waka is running a dodgeball league starting next month, and I'm here to tell you the details:

When: Sunday-Fundays Starting February 21st
What Time: 5:45 - 8:45pm (3 games times)
Where: Jefferson Elementary School - It's in UPTOWN People
Why: To play Dodgebally
Why Else: To drink with friends after

So many questions about Dodgeball? Well watch the movie Dodgeball and you should be about set except no wrenches nor two tons of irony

OR check out the website and look at the rules page. Quick idea of rules:

- Play for 45 mins, as many rounds in that time
- Team with the most points (most rounds won) is the wenner!
- Have up to 20 people start each round (min. of 6 peeps if you're feelin' lucky)
- No more than a 4-1 Guy-Girl ratio (i.e. 15 guys, 5 girls)

That should get you going - I'll be sending out more details about the after bar when we finalize.

SIGN UP SOON HERE!! I would suggest teams around 25 people to allow for people missing.

Thank you Chuck Norris,


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