May 20, 2016

Week 1 Is In The Books!

What a perfect night for Week 1, huh? A lot of new faces on the fields, and a great turnout at the bar as well. Hopefully everyone got in a game or two of King Of The Hill, before Jackie claimed the throne.

As many of the teams are new, we want to point out a few of the top rules, courtesy of the Head Ref: Paige,
  1. No part of your planted foot may be in front of or cross the front edge of the home plate. If it does, it is a foul ball.
  2. The strike zone is one foot in height and one foot on either side of home plate. If the ball is not within that zone, it is a ball.
  3. The ball must bounce twice before reaching home plate. If it does not bounce twice, it is considered a ball.
  4. No player is allowed to cross the line between 1st and 3rd base. That includes the pitcher. You will receive one warning. Any other infractions, will result in the kicker being awarded first base regardless of the outcome of the kick.
  5. There is no leading off nor stealing a base. If you are not on the plate when the ball is kicked, you are out.
In great news, since I just rediscovered the GMOT gmail account, I can now post the photos from last week's captains practice that I was asked to do...

New Kicks On The Blocks


Uncontrollable Runs (Fan Favorites, The People's Champions, The Team With the Most Heart) 

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