Jun 1, 2016

MID-SEASON PARTY! Saturday, June 4th!

Can you believe it is almost Thursday already? Even better, it's almost Saturday for the mid-season party!? (I love short weeks).

Remember, the Mid-Season Party starts at 6pm at the Fremont in Uptown!

  • 5 free kegs of Coors Light
  • $3 Rail Drinks
  • Free Appetizer Spread

Afterward, stick around for the flip cup tournament that starts at 7pm, and then celebrate with the Uncontrollable Runs as they take home the trophy. Or if the games are rigged and they lose, you can still hang out and dance afterward.

As a reminder too, bring cash to the fields this week for "Your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!" $5 gets you 3 pairs of sunglasses, and the profits go to charity. Please help out as this goes to a great cause.

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