Jun 28, 2016

This Thursday - Charity Week!

Hey Kickballers – Welcome to CHARITY WEEK! As you know, we’ve been working to raise funds for the American Heart Association this season, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

This Week: We will have a charity slip-and-slide kickball game! It will be $1/player to join in on the fun! There will also be a variety of yard games for people to play and area for teams to practice (if they wish). Following a few fun games at Bryn Mawr, we will head to The Moose for food and drinks.

Next Week: We will be selling red, white and blue jello shots! Come prepared to drink and celebrate America!

Playoffs (July 16): Game schedule for playoff day will not be sent out until Friday, June 15 – but in advance, brush up on the Official Rules or at the very least read the abbreviated Rules Review. For playoffs there are also special Tournament Guidelines that explain a few deviations from our usual season rules. Following playoffs there will also be a post-playoff party with the flip cup season championship.

End-Of-Season Party (July 30): Mark your calendar for the End-O-Season Party – details will be posted to the blog in the coming weeks.

See you Thursday!

Jackie and Joline

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