May 4, 2017

Boot By The Foot (Season Preview)

What's up bitches, y'all are looking at the returning champs.  We beat the league's least favorite team (Uncontrollable Runs) in OT last year with an extra dose of pepto bismol and just being the better team. If you disagree, you can ask Tom where the trophy is.  Additionally, it's been brought to my attention that a certain individual in the league thinks we used steroids when in fact our only advantage was completely natural - being better, sexier, and lots of gin bucket.

Cheering for our team has some obvious pros and cons.  With the pros mainly being that we are led by the sexiest man in the league (shouts to Sammy Sam), we bring a lot of booze (hey cops, it's non-alcoholic), and we are very friendly.  The cons are a tad worse, as we have the worst name in the league, we have the league's most annoying brother-sister combo, and we punish errors with shots of fireball.

As an aside, we would like to welcome everyone to the league and look forward to a fun season filled with plenty of laughter and even more Henny.  If you're curious who we are, look for the WWE championship belt.

(Editor's Note: I struggled to copy and paste this onto the blog. The four championship rings kept hitting the keyboard)

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