May 5, 2017

Fresh Prince of Ball Air (Week 1)

Well, well, well. As my hair whips through the wind on my way home on my bike, I think about week one from a kickball and social standpoint. From a kickball standpoint, there isn't much to talk about. Some of us walked to the wrong field (Amy, yes give her shit) and rest of us found out that scoring in a beer league kickball league is a lot more strategic than expected. As we STRUGGLED to score runs, we found our stride in the field on defense. With Phil, Josh and Jackson all making fantastic plays in the field, we kept the game within reach. However, our kicking skills were vastly under par. Next week, lets keep the ball down and let the other team work as we run the bases. Now, the social standpoint of kickball. I'm thinking, lets introduce all the rookies to flip cup and what kickball is all about. Fresh Prince - Fuck that shit, can you use your finger to flip a plastic cup 180 degrees before the person across from you? Well, some of the rookies can, and some of the rookies decided to peace out before the real competition began. As we played king of the hill to narrow down the flip cup squad, newcomer Megan found her flip cup stride and made the FINAL FIVE. As Drunks on a Pond approached the table, Tom looked at Jackson and Jackson looked at Shannon with a small chuckle. Fresh Prince knew that Drunks on that Pond stood no chance in flip cup. After a decisive 3-0 win in flip cup, FPOBA chanted U.S.A, high fived and took on any competition that thought they could beat us in flip cup (FYI, they failed). Congratulations to Shannon, Matt, Cory and Tom on winning their own battle of king of the hill. (Fuck you Jackson, you got lucky and won on a technicality). Congrats to Tom on winning Best Dressed for week one!

Per the FPOBA criteria, we win in Flip Cup and compete in Kickball.  I look forward to seeing all you faces next week!

(editors note: blog received at 12:05am from FPOBA. That shows dedication, heart, and true character. That's a manager any team should covet.)

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