May 1, 2017


I can't believe it is finally here. I can't believe how late I am to posting a kickoff blog too, but now is not the time. All of your clever NSYNC "It's going to be May" jokes have finally reached complete hilarity, as May 1st has arrived.

With that, the opening ceremonies to the 2017 Spring WAKA Kickball Season begin this Thursday, as teams from all over the Twin Cities vie for kickball immortality.

After last seasons incredibly surprising championship, one that is still being contested by the losing team (sure seemed like Paige's team was kicking a lot further than normal that day. I'm not suggesting anything related to steroids, just saying it's convenient is all), we are ready to wash ourselves of the stink from 2016, and start fresh.

Heavy favorites, the Uncontrollable Runs, also known as a combination of the Patriots, Spurs, and Fergie, have added two new players to their arsenal. Age is starting to become a factor for this supreme team, but resilience is their middle name, as well as excellence and ball kickers.

Thursday looks like it should be a lovely day. Maybe a little bed bath and beyond, I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time.

See you on the field. Don't forget your coozies.

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