Apr 30, 2013

Bar Rule #1: “Show up at the bar after the game!”

Kickball is a simple game that has a finite set of rules.  Being a part of the Twin Cities WAKA Kickball league has another portion off the field though, the bar!  This is the start of the “Unofficial Rules of Kickball” that will ensure you have a good time off the field at the bar and social events!

The rules will start simple and become more complex, but they will always be sure to guide you to a good kickballing time!

Rule #1: “Show up at the bar after the game”

First things first, in order for these rules to be helpful you actually have to show up at the bar!  The bar, in this case Whisky Park, is the cherry on top of a fantastic night of kickball.  You get to hang out, socialize with your team/others and enjoy specials at the bar that are kickballers only.  Win! Lest us not forget the secondary (to some teams primary) competition of Flip Cup (flippy cup, or tippy cup to some as well … weirdos …).

What are some reasons that people do not go to the bar?
1.     They lost at the field
2.     They don’t like fun
3.     They have something important to do early the next day

Okay, you’re not having a goodtime, you lost at the field and the last thing you want to do is go to the bar and hang out with awesome people and have a goodtime?  Well, you need to turn that frown upside down and think to your self … “YOLO” (You Only Lose Once) and get yourself and team to the bar!  No bad can come from this situation.  Let’s recap … you lost at the field, you go to the bar, you get to drink beer and even if you lose at flip cup you still get to drink beer which is a win in my book.  Am I right?!

Scenario 2, you don’t like fun.  This is legitimate, not fun people may not find going to the bar fun.  However you joined an adult kickball league, so I cannot imagine that this scenario is possible.  Reassess your thoughts and I will see you at the bar!

Lastly, something important the next day is not a valid excuse either.  Worst case scenario you get to the bar by 9pm, have a drink (maybe share one with someone if your into that), play flip cup, listen for “Call me Maybe” (Still song of the season?! Only time will tell…) and your on your way home by 10pm with plenty of time for activities, or getting to bed for a good night’s sleep.

So there you have it.  You have no valid reasoning to NOT go to the bar.  So do it … DO IT NOW!  And I will see you at Whisky Park after the game! 

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