May 1, 2013

Kickball Charity Update!

Big news! Our charity this season is…… drum roll please……
Make a Wish Minnesota! 

That’s right, we all are lucky enough to be able to live out our dreams of being a professional (kick) baller, and now we’ll be able to make it possible for someone else to fulfill their wish! What luck! We killed it during Fall season for our charity, but I’m determined to top last season’s funds raised.

Here's HOW:
1.      Bring cash to the field! We’ll have shots, boozy freezies, and who knows what else for sale at the field on game day. Don’t be that kid that misses out.

2.      Bring cash to the field! What’s better than booze? A wheel 'barrow-o-booze! This season we will be raffling off a (you guessed it) wheel barrow full of booze, beer, and bar swag. Buy tickets, buy often. You’ll be the most popular person in the league once you win. [A visual representation of said 'barrow-o-booze is below for convenience!]

3.      Come to the bar (probably should bring cash for that too)! Not only is Whisky Park awesome by itself, but we’ll have fun games and challenges you can participate in each week, and oh, I don’t know, give to charity at the same time!

To review: grant wishes, bring cash, get drunk, PROFIT! Pretty easy, right? 

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