May 29, 2013

Charity Chair Update

Hey Party People!
Hope you are loving kickball as we are half way through the season!

Let’s take a quiz! The goal of kickball is to:
A.    Live out your childhood fantasies of being a professional kickball player on a ridiculously competitive team until you blow out your ACL (oops, I think I might be confusing softball with kickball)
B.     Have fun! It involves the “warm” summer weather, beer, buddies, and just enough aggression to take the edge off so you can make it just one more day of the work week without one of your coworkers suffering a tragic (yet accidental, of course) injury
C.     Allow you to tell your super awesome kickball stories at lunch the next day, and in the process of laughing so hard at your team’s inside jokes and antics, you start choking on your sammich as the rest of the people at your table just kind of give you awkward shifty eyes (hopefully a few give you a sympathy laugh)
D.    Impress girls/boys/girls and boys
E.     All of the above

To be honest, I think all the options are correct. But regardless of your reasons for playing kickball, I think I know how to step up your game to succeed in those goals: BUY JELL-O SHOTS! It’s that easy. No steps 1,2, and 3, just one dollar, one shot, and one dream.  

So if you see us charity ladies making the rounds, don’t run away, don’t hide, don’t ignore us, and don’t pretend you spent all your dollars on Chastity and Cherry last night. Instead, buy a shot! (Maybe also give us a drink…shout out to the team that gave me champagne last week. Holla!)

In other news, keep an eye out for the Barrow-o-Booze! We’ll be selling raffle tickets and raffling it off at playoffs, and trust me, you want it! Not only do you get a ton of liquor, wine, and beer, but you also get a wheelbarrow for your friends to take you home in at the end of the night. A twofer!

Remember, all proceeds go to our charity of the season, Make a Wish Minnesota! Do it!

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