May 29, 2013

Week 4: Kick This

Hello dear GMOT blog reader.  How are you?  If I may say so that top looks lovely on you.  Brings out your eyes.  Why am I so sweet?  Because the following story may depress you and you'll need all the pick me up you can.

The grass was slippery, ditto for the ball and when we took the field against Pitches Be Crazy we should've read the too wet for grasping signs. Pitches Be Crazy struck early taking a 2-0 lead.  We kept them in place with some mighty defensive moves.  Michelle "watch this" did the splits when she tried catching a pop up at first.  Henry "Two Outs" was able to catch a line drive near third and throw out their runner at the same base.  Matt "Cali Bombs" Aiken also threw out a runner at third.  We tied them at 2-2 at the end of the game, but we mutually decided to play another inning. 

Pitches Be Crazy scored two more runs.  It was down to us.  We scored one more and had runners at 1st and this lovely author (the tying run) at second.  Drew "I don't need no stinking razors" came up to kick, nailed a line drive to right.  It was an impressive kick, I started hauling tail to home, then suddenly, an anti-miracle happened.  Their female second base person somehow caught the ball, ending our chances.  It was a tearful moment. 

However, at flip cup, we were merciless and defeated them 3-1.  This was how we chose to honor Geiger's birthday, our ever awesome pitcher.

And, yes, your hair looks stunning.

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