May 14, 2013

Week 2: Ball So Hard


Bryn Mawr, MN - A depleted Ball so Hard team due to a Florida extravaganza took Field Five with a winning demeanor vs. Where My Pitches At. The first inning led off with two ground outs by Lauren and Roger then Clint stepped up to break the run with a strong single to be the first kicker to reach base since last Thursday. Jay and Carlos followed with two strong singles to drive in the first run of the contest. Clint took the mound as game two starting pitcher and gave up three in the bottom of the first to put the squad down by two. Ball so Hard came back quick with a lead off triple by Erin followed by the first of three sacrifice flys by Cory to bring in Erin for run number two. Clint shut down the powerful Where My Pitches At with pitches right where they were in the bottom of the second. Ball so Hard posted a weak zero in the top of the third and Where My Pitches At came out hot, posting two quick runs. The streak was ended by a diving catch by Phil, the catcher, which may or may not have ended in broken ribs or a ruptured spleen. The ’catch’ proved to be the swing in momentum for Ball so Hard. A single by Carlos and a booming kick to left which was a no doubter homerun only to be called foul due to a large tree in left… which then led to a single. These actions were followed by yet another triple by Erin to drive in two. Cory picked up his second sac fly to drive in the third run of the inning and push the score to five to five in the top of the fourth. A couple of scoreless frames was broken by a score in the bottom of the fifth to give Where My Pitches At a one run lead. Ball so Hard started to figure out this game with a slew of singles in the top of the sixth to push across two and take a one run lead. Clint continued his dominance in the bottom half of the inning to maintain the lead. Ball so Hard had nearly half the team score in the top of the seventh to seal the deal for the first victory in team history for the new squad. The bar scene proved less successful for the team, losing a close flippy cup battle, El Capi-Tan - Phil took close second in the costume contest out of two participants, and Abby, Cory, and Phil took a tough second in the four legged heat race. The Ball so Hard award goes to the entire team for a strong team effort in the first victory of the year in a hard fought battle on the kickball grounds.

Week three slates Ball so Hard vs. Alcoballics at 6:30 p.m. on field four. The theme being Wild, Wild West. Wear your appropriate or inappropriate cowboy/cowgirl outfits to celebrate. Bull riding contest at the bar.

In a pre-game celebration, the WAKA league welcome wagon stopped by to welcome the team and ask a few interview questions of the newest team in the league. Questions and answers follow so we are all on the same page:

Q: What drink would best describe Ball so Hard:?
A: Grape Ape - we’ll start off tasty, but we’ll catch up with you at the end.

Q: What percentage of your team is single?
A: 75 percentish

Q: What is your team mascot?
A: Cookie Monster

Ball so Hard is the newest team in the WAKA Twin Cities Kickball League and is excited about developing a positive relationship with all opposing teams and dedicated to building strong social engagement with fellow team members and other members of the league. Our anthem is to ball so hard:

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