May 14, 2013

Week 2: Hold My Beer And Watch This

This past Thursday was one for the ages!  A ‘barrow-o-booze was at the field, someone had to be escorted away by the police and it didn’t rain. The night started with reffing and President Kicklord escorting a questionable gentleman off of the field.  Kicklord was with this man for a while and no one is quite sure what went down.  I digress … back to kickball!  Hold My Beer and Watch This (HMBAWT) faced our intergalactic rivals Kick This and things were going great until the last few innings when Kick This caught their stride.  It was similar to a past epic battle (rap battle?) between these two teams during the Milkyway quarter-finals last year.  Check out ESPN 8 the Ocho, they have some footage!  And HMBAWT ultimately fell on the field.

Some good things came out of this loss however.  HMBAWT grew as a team, Eric continued his rookie of the year performance with a miraculous diving catch and Drew from Kick This took out a bunch of beer (and almost himself) while sliding into home (hilarity was had by all).

Things turned around at the bar where HMBAWT won 3-0 in flip cup, won the costume competition and took 3rd in the 4-legged race. 

Also … HMBAWT was announced as “Hold My Balls and Watch This” at Whisky Park.
Hilarity once again ensued.

I guess this night was a YOLO (You Only Lose Once) night!

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