May 21, 2013

Week 3: Ball So Hard


Bryn Mawr, MN - With all members of Ball so Hard finally being on hand for a game, game three of the short season proved to be dominating. Ball so Hard pushed out a one run lead in inning one followed by a strong eight run second inning. The kicks were inferno from there pressing to a strong 14-0 victory behind stingy pitching performance of Roger G. and Brad T. The streak of victories carried through the night with a impressive 4-0 flippy cup victory fueled by Lauren H. and company. The sweep was completed the hard riding of el cape’ tan, Phil in the bull riding competition to pull in the triplet of winning. Box score of performers of the night is as follows:

Lead off and first game of the year Cait A: 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored with a pair of catches with anticipated enthusiasm. 

  • Lauren M. a pair of singles with two runs scored with anticipated touchy feely approach.
  • Cory J. pair of singles with two runs scored and early departure but an early season favorite for team and bar MVP attributed to early success and bar success
  • Brad T. three for three with a pair of casual doubles and four innings of shut out pitching. Early CY Young candidate.
  • Abby A. Two singles and three put outs with spectacular composure in the field. 
  • Halaina Balaina A single and a strategic walk to drive in in the first run of the game!
  • Roger G. Questionable balls
  • Lauren H. A strong single and an amazing survivor style flippy cup victory
  • Ali Canoe-it Single and a run scored with an aggressive flippy cup performance
  • Phil M. First homerun in ball so hard team history and bull riding championship
  • Emily F. Two singles, runs scored
  • Jason  Powerfull single
  • Adam 0 for 2 with a run scored, rode the bull hard, so hard.
  • Carlos with a pair of singles and two runs scored
  • Clint with two singles and a run scored, early CY young candidate.
  • Erin with a run scored
If you add it all up it should equal 14, but who’s counting, it’s f’ing kickball.
Still failed to take a team photo, but we’re so hot… like the weather.

Song of the week for Ball so Hard, Started from the bottom, now we’re here: 

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