May 21, 2013

Week 3: Hold My Beer and Watch This

The game started off slow and rules were disputed.  The Bunt Pirates were giant decks, as can be seen by their pitcher’s hat and HMBaWT just could not catch a break.

The police showed up, (this time not because of a confused man playing with himself though) f*ckin’ softballers… and HMBaWT had our first “fire drill” during which all beers were hid within30 seconds (good work team!).  The game didn’t go so hot otherwise and HMBaWT lost a tough one for the second week.

Winning did occur at the bar in flip-cup and three team members made it to the final 5 in the bull riding competition.  What up Michlle, Kaitlyn and Ginger?!  Phil from Ball so Hard was just too big of a cowboy for them though.  This kickballer thinks it was Phil’s shirtless final ride that won it!

The mid-season party was un-eventful, aside from copious amounts of firewater being consumed.  2 of the 3 HMBaWT flip cup teams fell to the eventual winners Sluts ‘n Cups.  To drown sorrows Stadium Pizza was consumed.


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