Jun 11, 2013

President's Corner

Don't panic just yet, everyone has at least 3 more games of kickball left. How, you ask? You're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs! Use the next two games to hone your drinking skills, bag slapping, and jello shot making because we'll need you in pristine condition come June 22nd for all day playoffs. If you happen to learn how to catch, kick, or throw the kickball between now and then count that as style points.

In other news...the sun has decided to show its face this week. How nice of him. How nice of him to wait until week 7. I'm going to take some credit because I did sun salutations last week in the middle of the field followed by singing rounds of "Mr. Golden Sun". Hopefully this plays well into next week as we prepare for Wet 'N Wild night (or whatever we're calling it).

Lastly, I'd like to thank my kickball FAMILY for celebrating my birthday with me. A birthday during the kickball season AND on a kickball night, how lucky! The lovely Charity Chair (AKA my "current" girlfriend) secretly planned and orchestrated a cake, song, dance, champagne bottles, petting zoo, elephant rides and another double kickball win. How clever!

Don't forget to come this week to support 'Merica and Old Glory a day earlier. Why? Because it's the damn country you live in that allows you to play kickball like a fourth grader and drink like a freshmen. And we can't all be Edward Snowden.

-Kicklord Johnson

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