Jun 11, 2013

Vice Prez Corner

Wow is this season flying by?!?! But what a blast it's been so far!

It's been a pleasure getting to know different players and teams this season and I can't wait to meet more. I had to miss the dance party at Whisky Park last Thursday and looking at the pictures I am more than disappointed in myself. Having been on the winning team for the Dance Competition in the Winter Bar League, shout out to Beer Pressure (Megan B, Tim R, Kari A, Michaela K, AJ, and Trevor), we should have been there to defend our title. Needless to say watch out for us this week at the Flip Cup tables because we came to play flip cup and chew bubble gum and we're all out of bubble gum!

Keep an eye out this week for the ever famous "Wheel". If you haven't seen this in a season you my friends are in for a treat. Swing by field 1 for the 7:30 game and watch Stage Five Clingers bring a new element to the game.

From last season's wheel week
-Bunting Backes

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