Jun 4, 2013

Reasons Why Kickball Rules!

[Sourced from the following link http://www.buzzfeed.com/h2/fbsp/miller64/the-15-best-things-about-kickball ... Funny pictures after the jump!]

1. The lack of specialized equipment and highly-skilled positions means that just about anyone can play kickball. It’s The People’s Sport.

2. You can play it ANYWAY you want. It’s literally a sport you just make up as you go. You can play it on stilts if you want. There’s basically no rules.

3. You don’t even need a kickball. YOU DON’T NEED A KICKBALL TO PLAY KICKBALL. THAT’S CRAZY.

4. You get to make ridiculous nicknames that wouldn’t fly in normal situations and put them on clothes and stuff.

5. Or extremely punny names.

6. Or extremely obvious names.

7. It’s so easy to kick a kickball that every kick feels like a grand slam homerun slam dunk triple-double. You’re hitting the world’s largest target with a collection of muscles you use everyday. THINK ABOUT IT.

8. It’s so easy to kickball. The strike zone is huge. It has its own zip code. And it’s basically a joke and no one ever strikes out. Maybe sometimes. But still.

9. Post-game Happy Hour? EXPECTED.

10. Don’t like standing? No problem. You can just chill out at third base. #norules

11. There is no pre-determined time limit for kickball. You can play forever. You could literally play for hours and hours because there is no official amount of innings. How many innings are in a kickball game? AS MANY AS YOU WANT GOOD ANSWER

12. You can wear whatever you want, like this guy, wearing a jacket and tie for some reason. Dress to Kick-press.


14. This is unconfirmed but Kickball MIGHT be the only thing you can do as an adult where rocking a bandana is socially acceptable and maybe even encouraged besides like riding motorcycles or something.

15. It’s a great way to make friends and meet people, especially if you like TEAMWORK, KICKING THINGS, and WINNING

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