Jun 4, 2013

Week 5: Kick This

Fresh with the sting of defeat, Kick This returned to the kicking fields to redeem our honor.  Our opponent... Booze on first a team filled with gritty, grizzled and gregarious veterans.  They would pose a mighty challenge, could we over come, details to follow.

A brief rain welcomed our duel.  Booze on First struck first with a runner getting in, but thanks to awesome defense they left many on base.  We held them to just one other run with defense like, Drew "Leapin Larry" attempting to do the best sideways Michael Jordan seen this side of the Mississippi with a diving catch as catcher.  Also, Nick "I catch balls" caught a pop up to shallow center amongst a crowd. Matt "Pop Ups Become Downs" at pitcher caught many high kicked balls, never flinching, as Matt never does in the face of balls.   

With adept skills, we had a runner on third, this author on second (getting a double off a bunt, I believe a scholarship should be named in that honor) and with one out.  Booze on First decided to (first ever) intentionally walk Jason "Lemme Kick!" Wiblemo.  The bases loaded, and who comes to kick?  Why, it's Legs McGuillicutty!

That's Right, Matt "Boomer" comes up and hits one deep to right, over the right fielder's head.  Matt earned a grand slam, easily scoring and bringing the total to 4-2. 

He held them for the next half inning and we were victorious!  We also dominated them in Flip Cup, 3-1.  We showed no mercy, mostly because we don't have mercy glands, they're for Sallys. 

To celebrate this O.G. tree picture was taken...
Damn it feels good to be gangstas!

-Kick This

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