Jun 4, 2013

Week 5: Hold My Beer And Watch This

Hold My Beer And Watch This (HMBAWT) steam rolled over the lovely lady lumps of week 5 with a fury that could only be fueled by Grain Belt and Michelob Golden Light.  Dressed as a bunch of nerds HMBAWT took an early lead and continued to out play and out drink the Boot By the Foot.

With homeruns from Bryce and Kevin (great draft pick!) the flabongo was used twice and no ices (no errors) were issued during the game.   Although one should have been given for Justin’s “mustache”…

The last inning was played as a beer inning for funzies (who’s fun?! I’m not gonna answer that!)… everyone had to play (kicking and fielding) with a beer in their hand!  So much beer!  Beer, beer, beer!  Team captain Michelle scored a homerun during this inning as well.  HMBAWT would like to suggest that all games end with an inning like this.  

After celebrating the win by gorging ourselves on hot dogs, cheese bites and nachos (cheese bites in a hot dog?!  GET ON OUR LEVEL!) at Whisky Park, HMBAWT continued to excrete awesomeness by winning flip cup 3-0 and dominating trivia as well.  We have no idea who won trivia, but we’re pretty sure it was us … 

In summary it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the fact that HMBAWT is turning it up these last few weeks and we are ready to play hard like David Guetta!

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