Jun 4, 2013

Week 5: Booze on First?

We lost for the first time all season.  Our pitcher and co-captain Andy thought it would be a good idea to intentionally walk someone to load the bases so we would have the easy out at any bag.  Yes you read that correctly...INTENTIONALLY WALK SOMEONE. Has this ever been done before in WAKA History? (GMOT Editor note ... Yes)  After the walk he then gives up a grandslam,what a joke!

Anyways here are the weekly awards passed out to our team...

Weekly Awards - no one deserves an award for last week but we can’t break tradition.
MVP:  Andy (for the other team).  He put up more of fight at the bar with a Brewers fan than he did during our kickball game.

Play of the game:  Less had a great throw from his knees that pegged a runner going to first
Golden Boot: I am going with Burkett.  He was 2-2 in the game after struggling the last few weeks. 

Brown Glove:  Andy for intentionally walking the bases loaded.  We had some other drops and bone head plays but I can’t remember specifics.

Kate Award (worst attitude): Chelsie wins hands down this week.  She apparently does not care at all about the team.  She has missed two straight games and did not bother to let anyone know about her attendance last week.  If this non sense continues we will put her team membership to a vote and she could face possible exile!

Andy Award(drunkest person): Wendy had a good time at Whisky Park!

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