Jun 11, 2013

Week 6: Ball So Hard


Bryn Mawr, MN - Short staffed, Ball so Hard took the muddy field with enthusiasm on Neon Night. Starting off with two scores in the top of the first vs. Pitches be Crazy with the Laurens Squared combo both crossing the dish. The score remained scoreless until the  third when Ball so Hard pushed across another to push the lead to 3-0. The pitches scored one of their own in the bottom with some aggressive base running in the bottom half to put the score at 3-1. The score remained at this position behind a strong pitching performance from Roger G. and tough defense by Cory, Abby, Roger, Erin, Lauren, Ali, Cait A. Emily, Carlos, Jason, Lauren, Phil, Annie, and Halaina. The pitches pushed one across in the bottom half of the seventh to put the score at 3-2. With time remaining, Ball so Hard elected to proceed to the 8th inning for the love of the game. This proved to be just what the pitches needed, scoring two in the bottom of the inning to take the game in walk off fashion 3-4. Top performers of the evening were Lauren H. with a pair of singles and a run scored, Jason with a single, double and a run scored and Carlos who tacked on two singles and an RBI. Top dressed went to Abby as she pulled up the skirt to haul in the award.

Following the devasisting defeat, Ball so Hard turned their focus to flippy cup. And the focus they had. Slapping the pitches with a 4-3 defeat in a split second victory in game seven of the match. Top flipper went to co-captain, Cait A, with five straight one flip successes to carry the team to victory.

Ball so Hard will take on Booze on First? In week seven, the second to last week of the season on field 4 @ 7:30 p.m.

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