Jun 11, 2013

Week 6: Kick This

It was a night of deep balls action.  The tension, fierce.  The grass, mostly mowed.  The ball was small but most of all if you guess by the temperature, you'd think it was Fall.  Yes, I'm a lyrical poet and I totally know it. 

Kick This took to the field to oppose, Where My Pitches At? We took the field and soon, the ball kicking began.  During the game, Matt "Never Patchy" kicked a triple, scoring 2.  Nick "How do I spell my last name again?" also kicked a tripe and scored 1.  Drew also busted out a triple, and the score was up to 4 to 1, all Kick This

We also had solid defense.  Amenah "Shortstoppin" caught one to end an inning!  Drew "I'm at Second, wee!" played second in the last inning, ran to catch a ball, sliding mind you, and totally caught it despite the ref saying he didn't.  In the last inning, with the bases loaded and no outs, Where My Pitches At? kicked the ball to Gieger and with his cat like reflexes picked up the ball and tossed to home for all three game ending outs.  The final remained 4-1 and we marched toward more victory!

In flip cup, the opposing team didn't show, but we made a game happen anyway and won 3-1.  Until next week!

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