Jun 18, 2013

Week 7: Booze on First?

Nuts and bolts, Nuts and Bolts we got SCREWED!  

We dropped our third straight game after a tough call took back a homerun.  The home plate umpire decided against his better judgment to overrule the first base umpire and decide the bomb to right field was a foul ball.  Understanding this a judgment call and there is no line out there to help them but how can you call back a homerunafter the person ran all the way around the bases?  Yes it was a close call, but this is KICKball!?!?  Do not take back an amazing KICK if you are unsure!!!   We want revenge and we will hopefully get a crack at these clown umpires on the field in a playoff matchup.

None the less, we battled back and took the lead only to have final out bounce off Ryan who was attempting to play third base.  This error allowed two runs and ended the game as it was the bottom half of the final inning.  He was punished after the game with a beer shotgun (video attached). We told Ryan the wrong the game time for next week so hopefully he misses the game…

On the bright side we were able to get in the win column by beating a shorthanded “Ball So Hard” team.  This victory sparked an amazing celebration as our team dominated the bull riding and hammered jaeger bombs like it was no one business.

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  1. I hope we get to play your team in a playoff match also. Not sure how much of a game it would be though based on the performance of your third baseman.....