Jun 18, 2013

Week 7: Hold My Beer And Watch This

Gather around y’all for a tale unlike you have ever heard before.  For this past week was monumental for Hold My Beer And Watch This (HMBAWT).  We took to the field full of beer, Franzia ad fire, fire for a victory with playoffs just around the corner.  We got off to an early lead fueled by cheap beer and the reward of the opportunity to slap the bag if you made it to first.  Pitches Be Crazy fired back and got within a couple runs, but in the end HMBAWT this came out on top.  After the game a beer inning was played (beer in your hand and slap the bag before kicking) and HMBAWT won this as well.  

  • Two birthdays were on the field, one from each team … what up birthday twinsies?!
  • HMBAWT thinks all games should be decide with a beer inning … maybe because we’re goo at it, or maybe because it is ‘Merican!
  • It is hard to finish a WHOLE box of Franzia in one game … we should have started earlier.
  • HMBAWT dominated ‘Merica night, as seen below… 'Merica stunner shades?! Get on our level!

  • HMBAWT also explained to the refs why it is hard to crush Budweiser bowtie cans … yea, we’re engineers … (Protip: Don’t drink bowtie Budweiser, they are only 11.3oz … stupid pansies from You’re Killing Me Smalls …)

Now comes the never heard before (in this season) … HMBAWT lost in 5 games in flip cup.  Perhaps it was because of Whisky Park not having cheesy bread sticks on the food spread, maybe HMBAWT drank too much (ha … just kidding) or maybe just a bad bounce.  Regardless HMBAWT suffered their first loss and are looking to avenge themselves’ against Booze on First … in flip cup at least.

Finger’s crossed, pitches!

See you at the field, we’re going out with a bang!!



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