Sep 22, 2013

Kick This Week 2

The Horror, the... ho ho horror.  By the end of the evening and the longest game known, two teams stood and kicked alone, the entire field empty save for our bi-uni-colored clad selves.  It was team Kick This vs. Poop Brown Poopy Heads, or as they are officially known, Uncontrollable Runs.  The game began with no tears, little sweat, and not being blinded by the Friday Nights Lights-eque surroundings, oh how that would change.  Kick This struck first by scoring 3 runs.  Things looked up for Kick This, as they often do, I mean, have you seen us?  Gorgeous people. 

However, Uncontrollable Runs, AKA, Hersey Stains McGees, struck back with adept usage of the man bunt (this author now feels unashamed to man bunt.  However, the shame of attending epic numbers of Star Trek conventions remains) they tied the score.  There was some killer defense on our part, Kunkel got an inning saving out in deep center.  Matt used his third base spot as his own personal Out Making Machine.  Michelle gripped the balls tightly as they came her way at first base. 

Down by 2, and at the critical time of 8:14, we made a play for another inning.  If only Nostradamus could have sent us warning of what was to come, then, we would've ignored it as you should because, it's Nostradamus, I mean the dude looked into a black mirror and guessed at stuff.  Even guessers are right 15% of the time.  Oh, but I digress. 

In this final inning is when Team Colonoscopy opened up their spincter gates and unleashed a gooey corn laiden horde upon us, with 2 outs, they scored 5 runs.  We could not overcome such a huge deficit. 

Alas, in Flip Cup we destroyed them as one would by kicking a grey-ed out dog poo.  It was no contest.


-Kick This

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  1. Hahaha ok, Uncontrollable Runs local beat writer is back in action and will be submitting reviews from now on in hopes of getting anything near as funny as this was.